Keira Knightley first stepped on to the red carpet at the very tender age of 16. Way back then, the English actress was famed for sheer tops and bare (and oh so toned) midriffs but, these days, her signature style mainly encompasses Chanel (where she is a muse) Valentino and Stella McCartney. Words commonly used to describe Keira Knightley’s unique style include ‘posh’, ‘elegant’, and ‘regal’ with her penchant for prim and proper dresses and lady-length hem-lines. However, Keira’s chic signature has to be blended to also appease her girly soul which saw her wear a chiffon tutu dress and ballet pumps to her wedding. This is what we love about Keira, it’s like her internal monolog thrashes it out between chic and classy or girly and whimsical – and we continually stay tuned just to see who won. Here are three of Keira’s most epic style secrets that tread the perfect line between femininity and formal.

Recycle To Create A Signature

The jury is out on whether Keira was thrifty in her recycling of her wedding dress. Many style journalists reported that the star wore a Chanel pale-pink number which she was frequently in on the red carpet, while others maintained that the wedding dress was just a replica made by Valentino. Either way, Keira knows what she likes and isn’t afraid to embrace the same style over and over again – even to her wedding. After all, if it makes you feel good (and judging by Keira’s hop and skip on her wedding day – it did!) why change the formula? Follow Keira’s lead, find a dress that makes you feel wonderful and don’t be afraid to wear the hell out of it.

















Head-Bands In Lieu Of A Crown

It’s only fair that the Hollywood Queen rocks a head-band better than anyone we know. It doesn’t matter whether her hair is up or down, Keira Knightley wears sparkling hair bling with ease. It’s not just the shiny that grabs Keira’s attention, she’s been seen wearing chains and even rustic head-bands. Of course, she knows that the key to pulling off head-wear is to keep accessories to a minimum and let the halo do the talking.















Quirky Heels

More often than not, when Keira steps on the red-carpet, not many people are looking down at her heels. However, if you do, you’ll notice that Keira has something of a favor for quirky heels with a bit of character. Forget typical English-rose tendencies for a nude heel (yes, we mean you Kate Middleton), Keira opts for sky-scrapers with on-point detailing like bows, chains, feathers and cute cut-out detailing.  To get her look, forget the pump as we know it and seek out statement shoes that unashamedly grab attention.















Three stylish ways to inject a little bit of quintessential British style into your wardrobe in a chic, yet totally feminine way.  Put it all together at