Closing the Fashion Week’s ‘Big Four’ (New York, Paris, London), Milan Fashion Week offers the perfect climax. Famed for being the chicest of the sisters, Milan is spear-headed by luxury fashion brands like Prada, Armani, Versace and Dolce and Gabbana. But did this year’s Milan Fashion live up to all expectations on chicness and style? Read on to learn more about the key trends right out of Italy, featuring the very same designers showcased on

Let’s Get Together

versace at Milan Fashion Week

This season’s fashion week is being surmised as “togetherness”, with Missoni’s call for unity in the form of knitted pussy hats and Versace’s loud and proud slogans of ‘Unity’, ‘Courage’ and ‘Love’. D&G emphasized inclusiveness with a multi-generational, multi-racial parade and Prada demonstrated a roll-call of models through the ages. The message was clear, fashion is for everyone – it’s a party and we all have an invitation.










(photo credit Instagram @ versace_official)

Lady in Red

fendi at Milan Fashion Week
While London was all about yellow, and Paris flirted with pink, Milan was backing red for the win – especially when it comes to coats. Max Mara offered up a giant teddy (worn open, natch) while Fendi insisted it was all about the waist-clincher. Meanwhile Armani backed the pillar box double breast for a dashing look that works both on and off the catwalk.















(photo credit Instagram @fendi)

The 70s are Back

prada at Milan Fashion Week


We’re not entirely sure if the 70s ever really went away – since influences continue to crop up continually. Nevertheless, the 70s are big and with big, we mean literally. Think giant flared bell bottom corns that were once a uniform of Mick Jagger. If it wasn’t with a Prada tag, it might not be taken seriously but with the designer label comes a certain amount of creditability – meaning we’re all bound to be ready for cord come Autumn. BTW, designer Miuccia Prada took her bow in a cropped version, as if we need any more positive reinforcement.







(photo credit Instagram @prada)

Luscious Leather
tods leather skirt at Milan Fashion Week

Super subtle Nappa leather was on a continuous loop at Milan Fashion Week, giving a polished and totally grown up finish to lots of collections. Think leather skirts, jackets, dresses and even blouses all fitting like a second skin. Over at Tod’s, the leather hue was cameral, while at Bottega it was a buttery toffee and at Jil Sander there were two tones – both coffee and skin.











(photo credit Instagram @tods)


Suit Up

missoni suit at Milan Fashion Week

While Milan Fashion street style was still all about volume, the catwalks were favoring a different direction which was all about the slim fit. Particularly iconic was the slim fit suit, which was seen at Missoni, D&G and Versace. And, it wasn’t just the fit that was noteworthy, but the rainbow-hued patterns and prints which serve to reinvigorate the staple suits. Think florals, stripes and geometrics for a twist on a traditional closet temple.









(photo credit Instagram @missoni)


Crystal Clarity

versace crystal at Milan Fashion Week


While designers urged for unity, Versace was seen to be a bit tongue-in-cheek with their Chainmail mesh armour. Well, if you’re going to go to rage a war of fashion – you might as well do it in Versace! And it wasn’t just Donatella who was inspired by all that shimmers, D&G also lapped up crystals but was all together more Princess than Protestor – with their floor-length regal gowns.













 (photo credit Instagram @versace_official)