The king of red soles, Christian Louboutin has gained international popularity for his growing collection of killer heels, sandals and boots alike, all designed with their unmistakable signature crimson sole.

Born in Paris, France in 1963, Louboutin was an early starter, dreaming up his fantasy shoes during his teenage years. After being expelled at school, Louboutin went to work for the famous cabaret “Folies Bergère” lending his hand to all sorts of tasks for the dancers, eventually designing their shoes. Gaining experience and learning from a master, by 1990 Louboutin was ready to go it alone, producing his first own brand collection of shoes. It wasn’t until three years later that he added the distinctive red sole to every shoe and the rest is history as they say.

Cut to 2003, Louboutin’s career is flourishing, his women’s wear collections scrutinized and widely beloved and endorsed by celebrities world over. To expand his rapidly growing clientele, Louboutin moved into the luxury handbag trade and finally into the men’s shoe industry in 2011.  To date, Louboutin has found inspiration in the cult following of David Lynch’s mystery series from the 90’s, Twin Peaks. Combining his own success in the shoe world and the given series name, the revelation of ShoePeaks was born.

christian-louboutin-clutchDesigning the go-to clutch for every fashionista, Louboutin has created the clutch of all clutches, with his red “sole” twist.  Patent black in style, the clutch features a unique silhouette and a classic chain strap, the ideal purse for every occasion and every outfit.

To accompany the launch of the coveted clutch, Louboutin has jumped on the cinema train like many other designers this year, producing a cinematic video. Designed to inspire, the video features a marionette style model and a jumpy frame, giving it an eerie, circus freak vibe. A quote from the Louboutin brand describes the project as “Interlacing the worlds of surrealistic objects and architecture, ShoePeaks attracts with both sensual intrigue and mysterious beauty, like the classic Louboutin styles it is created from.”

We can’t wait to see what else the designer has in store for us later in the year. If this first piece is anything to go by, we’re in for a real treat.  In the meantime, browse the wonderful Louboutin items on consignment from around the world here at