With labels such as Celine, Hermès, Dior and Chanel, boutiques and department stores are a Fashionista’s Narnia of investment designer handbags. Choosing a designer handbag can be a daunting task for even the most well-equipped fashion guru, and more so when the piece in question is going to be an investment. Let’s talk about how to choose a handbag that that will be right for you.

Parting with a large sum of money might make you consider whether the purchase is worth it. An investment designer handbag will be expensive – they don’t call it an investment piece for fun! But if you look after your designer baby well, you can reap all the rewards it has to offer. It begins with quality. How many bags have you gone through in your fashion lifetime where the strap has broken unexpectedly, the shape has been lost, the body scuffed and the stitching starting to give?

Chanel_Vintage_Double_Flap investment designer handbag

The old saying “you get what you pay for” is unfortunately true, if you want quality fabric and design, you’ve got to pay for it. Another point in favor of investment handbags is that some actually increase in value every year. The most sought after bags, partially due to exclusivity, can actually be sold on afterward, provided it is in good condition, allowing you to reclaim some of your investment. Most importantly don’t forget, the price tag of your new purchase becomes more affordable with each wear, you could use one of Dior’s latest “it” bags for more than ten years or buy at least three high street bags every year that you won’t use half as much.

When choosing an investment handbag there are many factors to consider including size, shape, color, and practicality. This will be your go-to bag, the queen bag to reign over all others and so consideration is key. It is critical to find a style that you love, not only for this season but for years to come and one that will match with the majority, if not all of your existing wardrobe. That fiery orange tote might be catching your eye this summer but is it really going to take you from the workplace to date night to that wedding you have next fall?Christian_Dior_Lady_Dior_Cannage_Red_Handbag investment designer handbag

Be sure the bag you choose is fit for the purpose. If you have to carry a lot of things around with you daily, choose a larger bag that can accommodate your needs, respectfully, if you only usually carry a mobile, a purse and maybe a lipstick, a big bag will probably seem very empty and may irritate you after a while. Choosing a handbag with multi straps can be very useful and can transform your bag for different events, for example, a shoulder strap for shopping, a hand strap for work and removing them altogether for an over-sized evening clutch.

The timeless classic brands of Chanel, Hermès, and Louis Vuitton are typically associated as the crème de la crème of luxyrt handbags and with good reason. The styles these brands produce year after year are trans-seasonal, iconic and pair with everything. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule.  Many other brands produce bags of a similar caliber; but if you are unsure, stick to “the trinity” of investment designer handbags.

Overall, your investment designer handbag is an extension of your personality, so let it draw you to it so you can choose wisely – or better stated, let the bag choose you.  For inspiration and ideas, you can start at EveryBoutique.com where you’ll find over 6,000 designer handbags from around the world, available for purchase.